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"Oh no, we're taking pictures. I better stand in the back." 

"What am I supposed to wear when none of my favorite clothes are flattering anymore."

"Do I have to stand on the scale, or can i pretend that my weight isn't an issue for one more day."

40 lbs in 40 days
~  Ask about the "HCG 40-40 Program" ~
Conquer The Weight...
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We know weight loss is hard. Kids, Work, Family, Stress, Bills all take a lit bit of our drive and resolve. We don’t have anything left in the tank to help ourselves much less think about losing weight. We understand that the idea of losing weight can trigger anxiety, stress and guilt. 

The good news is that losing weight doesn't have to be stressful and fear provoking. 

If you've lost weight only to gain it back again, we can help.  The problem may lie in your hormones and toxicity.

"I have never felt and looked better.  They actually listened to me.  They knew my struggles. The weight program never left me hungry. They supplemented my thyroid, put me on an appetite suppressor and a meal plan.  My health coach made all the difference. The weight finally came came off, 42 lbs. They made it real easy."
KH, 29 years old
Our custom medical weight loss programs have demonstrated proven efficacy in helping clients lose and maintain the weight loss. Our physician specialists are able to approach your weight issues from many different angles to get you success. Many people start a weight loss program only to hit a plateau that frustrates them and forces them to give up hope. Because our team of physicians have expertise in medical weight loss, exercise, hormone management, diet and nutrition, we can find the right solution to meet your needs.
Exclusive Seminar: Come Discover How to Boost your Fat Burning Hormones
Sex Hormones.
Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone balance are vital to having energy and keeping the weight off.  Excessive estrogen interferes with thyroid function.
Thyroid Hormone.
Thyroid Hormone is the hormone of metabolism and the Great Weight Manager. Without proper thyroid hormone management weight loss is almost impossible.
Adrenal Hormone.
Excessive stress leads to excessive cortisol secretion which increases fat deposition around the mid-section.  Excessive cortisol production interferes with thyroid and sex hormone function.
"I was able to lose 48 lbs with the team.   The team helped me stay accountable and I saw results ."
~ SK, 47 years old ~
Faces of Proven Success
42 lbs
23 lbs
47 lbs
65 lbs
Physician Guided
Customized Solutions

Solutions4 Weight Loss Programs
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Health Coaching
HCG-40/40 Program - 40 lbs in 40 days Program
Slimshot (Lipo-B12 injections)
Thyroid Hormone Management
Bio-Identical Testosterone Hormone Replacement
Stress Management
Genetic Testing
Meal Replacement Plans
Accountability Coaching
LipoLaze Lipolysis LED Light Therapy
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"Our Mission is help you achieve your ideal weight in the safest and most effective manner possible." 
10 Proven Ways to Turn on Your Fat Burning Hormones
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